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"We are very happy indeed with the result and with Luke himself whose professionalism and integrity has been beyond reproach."

M. Anderson

"Luke proved a reliable, honest and hardworking employee."

A. Hardy (Laughton Manor)

"He is thoughtful and conscientious, and we trust him with the keys to the house."

C. Disney

"Luke's work was always thorough."

C. Pumfrey

C. Disney 

Luke has worked with us for several years; we have a large garden and orchard, with additional land in paddocks and woodland. Luke's confidence and versatility mean that he deals with anything that we ask of him, whether that is keeping the borders weed free, pruning the fruit trees, mending fencing, creating a pergola, paths, and steps, or felling a tree in the woodland. Some years ago I turned a corner in the wood, and found a large toadstool which he had carved from a tree stump; that continues to amuse me to this day.

It is important to feel comfortable with someone who comes into our home and garden every week. Luke seems to enjoy our land and the variety and challenges that it offers.

He is thoughtful and conscientious, and we trust him with the keys to the house. He has a good relationship with us and our animals; he and his children have often been lovely house-sitters while we are away.


M. Anderson 

We bought a house with a garden whose beds had become overrun by bramble & Clematis Virginiana over the previous 10 years. Our garden designer daughter created a new plan and we recruited a colleague of hers, who then recommended Luke as the solution to our challenges. He has been with us now for three years and in that time with his work input and professional guidance, we have transformed the garden to the new plan.

We are very happy indeed with the result and with Luke himself whose professionalism and integrity has been beyond reproach. We know that we can leave him to do the right botanical thing at the right time of year as well as fulfilling any specific jobs we ask him to do. His expertise is extensive and we always ask his gardening advice first rather than using internet searching. Furthermore, he is not afraid to admit to not knowing everything and is happy to research uncertainties to ensure the correct actions are taken. He has a wide range of professional contacts, some of whom we have consulted for specific issues and all have presented sensible, reasonable advice for our circumstances, with none of those high-pressure selling techniques.

We do not hesitate in recommending him as the first point of contact if you want gardening work done.

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C. Pumfrey

Luke worked in my garden for several years. It was quite a large garden and required him to use many different skills. Apart from the seasonal jobs of mowing, hedge cutting, pruning (trees and shrubs) and weeding, he carried out repairs to hard landscaping (steps and pergola), laid paving and gravel, planted hedges, shrubs and trees. He also managed the many compost bins in order to produce garden compost when it was needed.

He was an experienced gardener when he came to work for me. He had worked in a much larger garden and from this he had gained a lot of knowledge of plants and methods.  He completed an RHS course in order to further increase his plant knowledge. His work was always thorough; he was usually punctual and if he was not going to be able to work he would let me know.  He was also an easy and helpful person to work with.

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A. Hardy - Laughton Manor

Luke Hillier worked as Head Gardener for me at Laughton Manor from 4th January 2010 until the 29th of July 2011, the reason the job ceased was that we moved house.

Luke proved a reliable, honest and hardworking employee. He used his initiative to maintain the 12 acres of ground and looked after the Wall Garden and greenhouse very capably. Luke looked after the garden machinery carefully and organized servicing and purchase of spares as necessary.

In the time he worked for us he organized a programme of improvements to the grounds. Luke was flexible in what he would do and often walked our dog and was even prepared to look after our dog whilst we were on holidays.

I recommend Luke as a future employee and am willing to talk personally to one future employer to confirm what I have said in this reference. I highly recommend Luke.

Laughton Manor
Laughton Manor - Herb Border
Laughton Manor - Grass cutting
Laughton Manor - Compost Bays
Laughton Manor - Trees

Chris & Jill Knight - Heathfield 

We are extremely happy with Luke and his team. They are hardworking and conscientious, Luke is very knowledgeable on all aspects of gardening and has a comprehensive understand of plants and shrubs. We have been using Sussex Gardeners  for nearly a year now and are starting to see the fruits of their labour.